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Women of Babalon: A Howling of Women's Voices

Women of Babalon: A Howling of Women's Voices

Edited by Mishlen Linden


Featuring contributions by Linda Falorio, Charlotte Rodgers, Mishlen Linden, Lou Hotchkiss Knives, Emma Doeve, Diane Narraway, Geraldine Lambert, Semirani Vine, Lorraine Sherwin, Dianne Mysterieux, Lilith Dorsey, Ayahna Kumarroy, Madeleine Ledespencer, Maegdlyn Morris, Sarah-Jayne Farrer, and Sharmon Davidson-Jennings.


This is a book of sexual magicks in both theory and practice from the feminine power zones and from their own points of view. Very little has been written on this. It is a compilation composed of the text and art of sixteen practicing female magickians through which the vital character of a Babalon is explored.


Both the elder and younger Babalons write here in order to expand upon this almost taboo subject. Linda Falorio, one of the writers within, says “Men, read on if you want to know our deepest secrets.” This book focuses on the ‘what,’ the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ of the practice.


The materials are mutli–generational, multi–cultural and multi–systematic, though with a strong emphasis on Thelemic. No ‘right’ way is posited. Often seen ‘shoulds’ are replaced by an ethic that values Choice.


Being a Babalon is both a spiritual and social challenge. There are no more optimal conditions outside of an open heart and mind. She is much more than any sexual orientation or specific sexual act.


Although there is no definitive word or image which captures the totality of what it means to be a Babalon, her very nature speaks to Change. Babalon spins and the walls between worlds revolve. Her spinning gives form to the very womb of life. She rides upon a crest that peeks into the heavens, and descends into the very heart of hell.


The papers and images in this book document this journey, and the howling of women will now make itself heard!




• Blood Rites of Babalon by Linda Falorio

• Qulielfi: From The Shadow Tarot — Art by Linda Falorio

• Characith: From The Shadow Tarot — Art by Linda Falorio

• Hemethterith: From The Shadow Tarot — Art by Linda Falorio

• Strange Birth — Art by Emma Doeve

• A Darker Magick by Emma Doeve

• At the Heart of the Labyrinth — Art by Emma Doeve

• Mistress of Eros — Art by Emma Doeve

• The Dæmon Lover by Emma Doeve

• Gestation — Art by Sharmon Davidson–Jennings

• Lucifer’s Lover by Diane Narraway

• In Honor of the Lightbearers — Art by Geraldine Lambert

• Lucifers Child — Art by Semirani Vine

• Babalon and the Beast — Poem and Art by Lorraine Sherwin

• Sexual Magick: Point to Point by Charlotte Rodgers

• Lilith — Art by Mishlen Linden

• In the Garden of Earthly Delights:

     From the Magickal Record of Mishlen Linden

• Babalon — Art by Dianne Mystérieux

• Watch Her Wrap Her Legs Around This World:

     Babalon, Sex, Death, Conception, Punk Rock

     and the Mysteries by Lou Hotchkiss Knives

• Untitled — Art by Ayahna Kumarroy

• Sex and Possession/Voodoo Love

      The Gede We Always Knew Was There by Lilith Dorsey

• And you shall see the shades which she becomes —

      Art by Madeleine Ledespencer

• The Warrior Babalon by Maegdlyn Morris

• A Love Letter by Sarah–Jayne Farrer

• Chant d’Automne — Art by Sarah-Jayne Farrer

• Spirit House/Womb: A Place for Things to Grow —

     Art by Mishlen Linden

• Glaistig — Art by Lorraine Sherwin

• Glaistig by Sarah-Jayne Farrer

• Notes on Glaistig — From Wikipedia

• Outro by Lou Hotchkiss Knives

• En Finale by Mishlen Linden

• Biographies

• Babalon Community Contacts

• Nuit — Art by Mishlen Linden


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