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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

With all due Love, Honor and Respect we manifest this website as a tribute to Dr. John Montanee, a New Orleans Voodoo.


History and folklore have Dr. John filling many posts. He was a freeman of color reputed to be a contemporary of Marie Laveaux in the voodoo on Congo Square, a New Orleans conjure man, drummer, herbalist, physician, and spiritual Doctor as well as having a coffeehouse and dealing in real estate. He was a man worth knowing and is a spirit worth working with.


We, all of us who participate in this Grand Working of Necromancy, can open the road for Dr. John Montanee to walk again among the living if it is his will to do so. We reach through the crossroads to the Wise Doctor of New Orleans Voodoo.


All of the historical documents  featured in Dr. John Montanee, A Grimoire by Dr. Louie Martinié (available here), are available for download here as hi-res jpeg files. These documents may be used as talismans in communicating with Dr. John.

We gladly welcome any comments or additional information anyone wishes to contribute.

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New Orleans Voodoo Book and Tarot

by Dr. Louie Martinié and Sallie Ann Glassman

Available at Amazon

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Dr John Conjure For Healing

The purpose of this conjure is to strengthen Dr. John as a loa of healing that he may in turn strengthen the spirit of individuals in these times of plague.

Dr John Montanee
Dr John Conjure for Healing
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Dr John Conjure for Healing

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