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Left Hand Press :: Oberon Zell

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Oberon Zell earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology and anthropology from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, and went on to graduate studies and degrees at Washington University, Harris Teacher’s College, and Life Science College. His seminal work on the Gaea Thesis in the early ‘70s helped foster a global awareness of Earth as living Mother.


A founding father of modern Paganism (and the first to claim that label in 1967), Oberon is one of the most respected Elders in the new movement of “green religion” that emerged in the latter half of the 20th century, helping to bridge the gap between spirituality and science.


Initiated in several mystical traditions, Oberon is an ordained priest of Gaea, and co-founder of the first Pagan Church of All Worlds, incorporated in 1968. He founded the vanguard Pagan journal Green Egg and served as its publisher for four decades. His book titles include Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, A Wizard’s Bestiary, and many others.


An international award-winning artist, Oberon has illustrated countless magazines and books since the 1960s. He is best known for his magickal jewelry and altar figurines of Gods, Goddesses, and mythical creatures. His most famous work is his revelatory sculpture of Mother Earth as “The Millennial Gaia.”


Oberon is also the founder and Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which offers more than 500 classes in 16 departments for students of all ages. After a two-year Walkabout throughout the Western Hemisphere, he is now settled in the state of Washington.


For book signings and personal appearances:

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