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GaeaGenesis: Conception and Birth of the Living Earth

GaeaGenesis: Conception and Birth of the Living Earth

“Oberon Zell was the first person to conceive and publish the biological andmetaphysical foundations of what has become known as the ‘Gaia Theory’— the unified body and emergent soul of the living Earth. Oberon’s profound reconciliation of science, mythology and spirituality inspired and infused worldwide neo-Pagan, panentheistic movement. His visionary sculpture ofthe ‘Millennial Gaia’ is a three-dimensional revelation, an artistic masterpiece that fuses evolutionary biology with sculptural elegance. For over 50 years Oberon has been writing and lecturing on Gaian consciousness, and it is high time that he put it all together into a book!”

~ Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Integral Studies & Founder-President, The Green Earth Foundation)


In the early 1970s, noted philosopher and mystic Oberon Zell was the first to propose and publish the radical idea that the biosphere of Earth is a single vast living organism. His initial article on the subject electrified the emerging modern movement of Earth-based spirituality.


The excitement was the result of a simple yet profound idea. Imagine for a moment that Earth is alive. Not just teeming with living things, but a living, vital organism. This is more than imagination or mere metaphor. GaeaGenesis is the first work to fully integrate the mythological, spiritual, biological, and social history of what has become known as the Gaea Thesis. It expands upon this history by exploring the profound implications of this pardigm, which isas significant to our understanding of the world and our place in it as Galileo’s heliocentric theory of the solar system and Darwin’s theory of evolution.


GaeaGenesis culminates five decades of work developing Zell's thesis, building on his own original ideas as well as those of renowned scientists, philosophers and spiritualists who preceded and followed him. Foundationally, GaeaGenesis builds upon the author's original paper: “TheaGenesis: The Birth of the Goddess,” which appeared in Green Egg magazine in June of 1971.


The present book takes the idea beyond the metaphorical realm postulated by James Lovelock in his “Gaia Hypothesis” and posits that the entire evolution of life on Earth is the literal embryology of a single vast living being — one replicating continuum of DNA and protoplasm. This distinction has significant implications for the subject of this book: the proposition that Mother Earth is a living, sentient being with a “soul” that humans can perceive if they are aware enough to sense it. In essence, the living beings that populate the Earth are cells within a greater macro-organism.


Paperback :: 436 pages :: 6 x 9 

ISBN: 979-8985320442


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