Waters of Return: The Aeonic Flow of Voudoo

by Dr. Louie Martini


"As surely as the Heavens revolve to signal the primacy of new Aeons, as surely as the Great Wheel turns, the time of Voudoo has come again to lift the soul of humanity and set it spinning in a dance of immanent creation."


This writing places Voudou within the Aeonic structure developed by New World cultures with emphasis placed on a Thelemic subtext. Ritual actions and veves to honor the Marassa, Mort, and Mysteries are provided as well as discussions concerning Possession, the Ancestors, and offerings. The Spider Rite provides instructions and ritual elements used to offer one's self or other selves as food for the insect loa. First published over a quarter century ago, this publication has become a widely used text in its genus of occult practice.




• The Marassa

• The Mort

• The Mysteries

• Rites


Black Moon Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1890399030

22 pages : 8x10 : Softbound


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