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w-Wings of Rapture

w-Wings of Rapture

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by Nema


Wings of Rapture takes a nondenominational approach to mysticism. From the initial euphoric experience to the "dark night of the soul" and beyond, this book will serve as a guide as you seek your own path to enlightenment.


Learn methods of altering consciousness to open the doors of perception to the metaphysical realms. Discover techniques for creating sacred space conducive to successful meditation and contemplation.


If you're currently involved with an established religion, magickal order, coven, or popular guru, it can help you slice through the embellishments of other people's visions to find your own.


This is a revised and expanded re-print of the book originally entitled "The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism and Self-Transcendence."




• What Is Known Is Not Enough

• God-Hunger and Other Forgotten Ones

• Cosmophilia

• Maat Magick

• Emotions

• Temple-Time and Nature

• Inventory and Corrections

• Mantram and Silence

• Call and Forget

• Manifestations: Signs of Progress

• Unlearned Knowledge

• Astral Adventures

• Cosmic Visions

• Veils of Glory

• Self

• Shadow Mirror

• That

• The Inner Life

• Dark Night of the Soul

• Alone Together

• The View From Now

• N’Aton: Visions of the Major Arcana

• Appendix A: Liber Pennae Praenumbra

• Appendix B: Feathersong


ISBN-13: 978-1890399757

308 pages : 6x9 : Paperback



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