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w-Basic Wiccan Ethics: Avoiding a Perilous Path

w-Basic Wiccan Ethics: Avoiding a Perilous Path

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by Susan R. Kagan


There is a large context to being a Wiccan. A context in which you, as a Wiccan, will interface and interact with persons and groups in the greater society. This can be confusing and a firm grasp of ethics in general and Wiccan Ethics in particular is of great benefit in navigating the often treacherous and circuitous ethical byways of daily life. This book offers the reader a chance to examine and develop an ethical system that can inform and govern their behavior not only within the Coven but also within the Community, and Country.


Wiccan Ethics is not a book of convoluted parables. With the density of information and general overload in our lives, who has time to decipher a parable? The blunt honesty found here isn't meant to offend. Though there are psychological aspects to some of the situations that will be discussed, this book is not full of jargon or psychobabble. The frank language is a refreshing change of pace. This work promises to be anything but the bullshit often seen, trying to make you feel good rather than to help you improve your lives.


The book is not written like a lecture; it's more like a conversation. You will not find mere facts and information. You will also be asked to process the data and deeply consider the Ponderables found at the end of chapters. From a Wiccan standpoint, being ethical requires the ability to calculate and determine whether or not harm may come from your actions. For that reason, Wicca is not for the intellectually lazy. Nothing is cut and dried. Everything is subject to evaluation and Wiccan Ethics gives the reader the tools to conduct such an evaluation.


Left Hand Press

ISBN: 978-0692335697

6 x 9 paperback :: 112 pages



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