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w-The Dragon Tarot: The Inner Circle and The Triangle

w-The Dragon Tarot: The Inner Circle and The Triangle

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Tarot cards by Manuel Almeida e Sousa

Text by André Consciência

Edited by AION 131


The form these cards take is a recovery of an ancient Dragon
current. As André Consciência so aptly writes:

This is truly a conjurer's Tarot.
The user does not select the cards at random or allow high
or low entities from the Invisible World to pick the cards.
The conjurer selects the cards themselves thus creating a
powerful spell projecting Will into future Manifestation.
The deck itself is constructed by the conjurer using images
available on the internet. A powerful fluid condenser is mixed
and used, along with the conjurer’s menstrual blood or
semen, to bring the cards and deck to life. The deck becomes
a magickal instrument of deeply personal and thus universal

The path given by André of mastering the cards is in itself a path
to Initiation and Adepthood. The cards and their mastery lead the
user on a vast pilgrimage through the Tree of Life culminating,
as all true journeys do, back to a self now refined and transmuted.


Paperback :: 230 pages :: 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1890399986



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