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w-The Book of Babalon: A novel by Anna McKerrow

w-The Book of Babalon: A novel by Anna McKerrow

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Babalon is a UK feminist organisation with a membership numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Fronted by the charismatic Scarlett Woman, Babalon treads a careful line in an increasingly conservative UK, where a government coalition with a religiously conservative Irish party means that reproductive rights in England may be under threat.


Scarlett’s organisation venerates Babalon, goddess of sex, blood and the destruction of patriarchy. It promotes witchcraft practices as a key method of political and spiritual resistance to its members via rallies, meetings, training, conferences and the BabalonApp, where those identifying as women can access support services, witchcraft resources, online chat, news and feminist media.


Told by three women - Maid (Trix, discovering her sexuality) Mother (Robyn, mother of two, finding herself after a broken marriage) and Crone (Scarlett Woman, the leader of Babalon) - this is a story of power and empowerment: where personal, sexual and political power comes from, where it intersects and how different women come into their power in different ways. It also considers the difficulties inherent in an organisation paying lip service to inclusivity, and the dynamics of power in an organisation run by a woman who considers herself the conduit for a goddess.


A powerful and topical book, THE BOOK OF BABALON mixes witchcraft and feminism into something new, original and absolutely of the moment.


Babalon is present in the world, but not in any one woman. It goes beyond that - in sexual freedom, in empowerment and body sovereignty. Babalon is the Whore in us all. That is Her power, Her legacy.


Please note that this book contains graphic sexual content, mentions of rape, physical and sexual abuse, abortion, miscarriage, occult ritual and content of an extremely adult nature.


Paperback :: 238 pages :: 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-1890399696



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