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w-Struck Down on the Seventh: An Exorcism Performed by an Idiot

w-Struck Down on the Seventh: An Exorcism Performed by an Idiot

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Struck Down on the Seventh: An Exorcism Performed by an Idiot

Aeddon Cayea


“Where shall I begin? If this is to serve as a testament of my sins and triumphs unvarnished by the vanity of age, I suppose I should begin now, where both lay in equal measure.”


So begins the journey of Phaethon, a college student with a tendency toward self-centeredness who is taken in by the lure of the occult and set upon a journey that leads him to approach a Goddess who will demand everything. As his tale unfolds, he is led to come to grips with aspects of himself that contradict his well-polished self-image. Struck Down is a story of awakening to oneself and the power and pitfalls of a singular will. Ultimately, Phaethon discovers the price to be paid in order to come to know his own nature.


This is a novel that allows the reader to participate in a major magickal working by a Gen Z, post millennial protagonist. Hormonal driven jealousy and issues of control compete with progress on this magickal journey toward a mystical understanding climaxed in a confrontation with Choronzon.


There is much to be learnt from the novel's, at times, labyrinth of obtuse philosophical positions and terminology. Magickal realism with a literary bent can be quite challenging and ultimately informative. It is for the reader to determine if the “idiot” referred to in the subtitle is the “idiot” as portrayed in Dostoevsky’s writings or more simply a candidate for Bedlam.


To those of a certain age, it will bring back memories of an earlier time along with its struggles. It may very well evoke the important and fascinating question, “Why were you drawn to the occult?”



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