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w-Ruler of Hearts

w-Ruler of Hearts

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A Collection of Works by Jason Kerzinski


Illustrated by Senan O'Connor


Jason Kerzinski is a street poet working in the French Quarter. His remarkable debut collection, Ruler of Hearts, is a work that pulls the reader into the range of emotions one can feel when living in New Orleans. Isolation, jubilation, loneliness, and fragility dance hand in hand through this book. The single page offerings are reminiscent of the prose poems of Baudelaire while the longer stories serve to evoke a universe that resounds with the bright colors and improbable probabilities of the Cr-escent City. The art adds a flavor and a flair that completes the un1que experience this book offers the reader.


Obzene Press

ISBN: 978-0692679852

6 x 9 softbound :: 96 pages



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