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w-Manifesting Magick With Veves and Sigils

w-Manifesting Magick With Veves and Sigils

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by Claudia Williams


Claudia Williams is a licensed, ordained Minister of Ancient Ways and Priestess in American Vodou. She grew up in a barrio in New York City where she encountered African based religion while living directly above a Botanica. That resonated with her innate psychic abilities and a way of spiritual practice began. When she moved to New Orleans two decades ago, this background in West African based religious practices along with her own Native American and European heritage gave her a deeper and unique perspective on what makes magick work and why.  The sigils and vévés in this book were born out of necessity and developed over many years. They have proven themselves to be most effective for her personally and her clients.


Ms. Williams is a professional psychic and occultist. Along with her husband, occultist Jan Spacek, she owns and operates Starling Magickal Books and Crafts in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the oldest full service occult shop in the city.




"I have been practising a variety of branches of witchcraft for years and have lots and lots of books. I would place this in my top 10. I only bought it a few weeks ago and have already bought 2 extra copies for friends. One is well used to witchcraft and the other is a beginner and they both expressed how great it is. The print is large and clear and the writing is uncluttered.
There are clear explanations for each sigil and they are easy to understand and follow. I would love to go to New Orleans just to visit the author in her shop! I have very much enjoyed working with the sigils in this book and would recommend it to beginners and seasoned witches alike...or the just plain curious."


"Manifesting Magick with Veves and Symbols is one of those unique books where, when you're reading, you feel as if the book falls away and you're having a conversation with the author. Inside you'll find practical information that is clearly presented and easy to follow and use. Veves and sigils are new to me, but Claudia Williams honest and encouraging text made it easy and comfortable for me to incorporate them into my practices. I know this is a work-book that I'll turn to again and again."


ISBN: 978-0615822334

8 x 10 paperback :: 60 pages



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