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w-Lilith Queen of Demons

w-Lilith Queen of Demons

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by Gillian Macdonald


This book introduces people to the practice of working spiritually with Lilith. It provides insight into her extensive background and offers guidance on how to identify with your Lilith. It is not and cannot be a fully comprehensive book on Lilith, my path is a living one, constantly expanding in knowledge and experience. For readers who have little or no experience of Lilith I hope that this book provides a basic introduction and guide to gaining some understanding and deepening their own connection with her. For the more advanced, this text can provide both reference material and hopefully new light on an ancient deity. A basic working structure and several tried and tested rites to the Lilith’s within the scope of my experience are provided.


ISBN: 978-1890399702

Paperback :: 6x9 :: 254 pages



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