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w-The Book of the Seniors

w-The Book of the Seniors

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by Benjamin Rowe


An extended magickal working involving the Tablet of Earth from John Dee's Enochian magickal system that presents the results of a series of invocations of the Seniors from that Tablet.


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Rowe delivers!, May 6 2009

By William W. Duvendack - Published on Amazon US


I'm going to keep this brief, as there is so little I can say that hasn't been said before. The incomparable Benjamin Rowe has once again outdone himself. This is not only concise, but also easy to digest and integrate into a working format. This is not for beginners, but it is one that is worth it when you hit that point!


Advanced mystical knowledge, Oct 16 2009

By Joan G. Zakrzewski - Published on Amazon US


I bought this book eight months ago. Did not pick it up to read till recently. It is one of the best books I have read. If you have been studying mystical and magickal teachings, then this fills in all the gaps. It finally gave me a clear understanding of why everything on this earth has happened. No it is not for a beginner or a person who has not done extensive study. But if you have and have been searching for the truth-here it is.




• ACZINOR: Senior of Jupiter in Earth

• LZINOPO: Senior of Luna-Earth in Earth

• ALHCTGA: Senior of Venus in Earth

• LIIANSA: Senior of Saturn in Earth

• AHMLICV: Senior of Mercury in Earth

• LAIDROM: Senior of Mars in Earth


Black Moon Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1890399221

125 pages : 8x10 : Paperback


Benjamin Rowe Memorial Fund Award : click here for info.



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