Typhonian Teratomas: The Shadows of the Abyss

Typhonian Teratomas: The Shadows of the Abyss

by Mishlen Linden


This grimoire is a collection of nightside rituals and talismans to call those who watch and wait within the tunnels of the Qliphoth. A tarot (Rota) of these entities is given along with attributions and images.


“Up until now, our Western magickal community has looked into the faces of our god of light, but not into the faces of our gods of darkness. What is darkness? Simply put, it is our inability to see what we have thrust aside. The darkness is our own.”


The need to become balanced grows. These rituals and talismans can assist the magickian in the quest for this balance.




• The Workings

• The Triangle of Flesh

• Nightbirthing

• The Choosing of the Guardian

• The God-Eater – Yamatu (Hermit - 20)

• Qulielfi: The Kalas of the Moon (Moon – 29)

• The Hands of Power

• Saksaksalim – Nightbirthing (Temperance - 25)

• The Cup of Night – Gargophias (Priestess – 13)

• The Dance of Death – Niantiel (Death – 24)

• Malkunofat – The Secrets of the Sea (Hanged Man – 23)

• Amprodias – The Howling (Fool – 11)

• Shalicu – The Pyre (Judgement- 31)

• Lafcursiax – The Ancient Balance (Justice - 22)

• Sex Magick

• The Internal Re-Balancing of Power – Parfaxitas (Tower – 27)

• The Mirror of Dagdagiel (Empress – 14)

• The Voice of Temphioth (Lust – 19)

• Mutual Possession

• Periodicity: A Note on Some Aspects of Menstruation

• Raflifu – The Sun in Amenta (Sun – 30)

• Conclusion


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