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Tao Haiku

Tao Haiku

by Phillip Landry

Illustrated by Christopher Morrison-Slave

With an Introduction by Claudia Williams


Tao Haiku is not just a collection of extraordinary haiku poetry and truly beautiful illustrations. That would be enough, but again this isNew Orleans. We always like to give more —We call it “lagniappe.” Where this book isconcerned, it is not only an introduction to Taoist philosophy. Nor is it limited to being a way to experience Taoist philosophy and the I-Ching using haiku poetry. It is not simply a book of beautiful, deeply meaningful illustrations to help the reader ponder the meaning of each of the sixty-four hexagrams contained within.


The book is a magickal tool. Meditate on the poems and images to see new ways ofapproaching problems with which you have been grappling. It can even be used as adivination tool which allows the reader to elicit answers to questions without having to learn how to read the I-Ching. (Though it is hoped the reader will be inspired to learn more about it).


Left Hand Press

ISBN: 978-0692419663

6 x 9 paperback :: 140 pages


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