A Priest's Head, A Drummer's Hands

A Priest's Head, A Drummer's Hands

by Dr. Louie Martinié


A Priest's Head, A Drummer's Hands is a complete-in-itself first volume in a series of teachings on Voodoo as it has and continues to develop in New Orleans. It contains an Order of Service developed over hundreds of rituals at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. This Order follows the steps of birth and can be used to bring honor and respect to the ancestors or to birth a "magickal child" of the voodoo's choosing. Rhythms for the drums are given in the form of Drum Prayers.


Rites and offerings to mark the passage of the Grande Zombie (Great Serpent) through the Seasons are outlined in a section on the Ophidian Year. A photographic record of the wake of Charles Masicot Gandolfo, the founder of the Historic Voodoo Museum, and a recounting of the line of Spiritual Doctors running back through the annals of New Orleans Voodoo is presented. Information and a working talisman for John Montanee, the original Dr. John, who conjured and drummed in the eighteen hundreds in New Orleans is included as well as a veve for the city of New Orleans as a spiritual entity.


Videos of Dr. Martinié demonstrating some of the drumming indicated in the book may be viewed in our Video Archives.


Black Moon Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1890399689

140 pages : 6x9 : Softbound




• Madamoiselle Katrina and Her Hard Won Offerings



• A Priests Head

• A Drummer’s Hands

• “Not the Last But the First”



• Order of Service For the Loa

• Order of Service: Birth, The First Mysterie, 7 Drum Prayers

(For videos demonstrating these drum rhythms click here.)



• The Ophidian Year

• Rites of Passing: Charles Gandolfo

• The First Dr. John of New Orleans Voodoo

• The Chants of Priest Oswan Chamani

• Ritual to Strengthen the Voice of the Drum

• A Veve for New Orleans

• Resources


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