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King Arthur: An Astral King

King Arthur: An Astral King

by Owen Knight


"As above, so below"


This statement has, in the past, been said by philosophers, and this belief is a major part of the Arthurian Story. Personalities and events in King Arthur’s Astral Worlds are reflected from those worlds into this world. Time and time again, there is the occurrence, in material form, in this world, of objects and personalities which have an existence in Arthurian spirit worlds. And these have had a large importance to this world.


Names are useful things in our arts and Owen’s King Arthur could be subtitled A Book of Names and their Deeds. There are subtle conjures here. To know the name of a spirit and withhold your own name is to purchase power over that spirit in a shadowy slave economy of the soul. To reverse the equation is the signature of a faith that can bring the worker to good or ill; witness the unpronounceable Name of God and all those who pay homage to Its power. To exchange names with a spirit can be to bless and burn, die and be reborn in an ecstasy of union. Those who have a practice, reverends, priestesses, and doctors will find much in this book of use in both understanding their experiences and conducting their experiments.


Left Hand Press

ISBN: 978-0615736143

6 x 9 paperback :: 270 pages


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