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The Cincinnati Journal of Magick, Vol I, Issue VI

The Cincinnati Journal of Magick, Vol I, Issue VI

Edited by Louie Martini


We have uncovered a stash of Issue Number 6 buried in the cellar of The Black Moon House in Cincinnati of one of the original Journals that were published by Conquering Child Publishing which later became Black Moon Publishing between 1976 & 1989. These copies are in like-new condition (some yellowing on edge of paper due to aging) that have been stored in a box and never used. These historic Journals were published during the renaissance of Western Magick in the 70's & 80's and are considered to be a time capsule of that historic period.



• The Book of the Archer by Benjamin Rowe

• Poem by William Jones

• Inbetween : Poem by AIO-N/131

• Towards an Alien Understanding by Frater Custor 375

• The Second Book of the Forgotten Ones by Allen Holub

• Voudoun Year Spirit by Louis Martinié


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