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Death Meditation

Death Meditation

by Simon Davies


Death Meditation is a short book on what is an important part of any esoteric work and also daily life. Courtries such as India have long had guides for the living, instructing them in the realms of the dead. The Bardo Thodol (Book of the Dead) is their best example. The ancient Egyptians too, had their book of the dead. What I have brought together here is a short summary of how man has come to see and create the world of death, how he has attempted to conquer, relate and experience it. The book is complete with instructions on how we all can come to know the ultimate unknown — death. Experience is the only way to know, it is this which I here try and put over in a way which all can understand. The ancients taught by throwing the initiate into circumstances which were beyond his comprehension. Later, when his conscious mind had caught up, he would understand and grow through his new knowledge. Today, through the printed book, we can learn a little more before going ahead with actual experience. That's what this book is about, giving foreknowledge before experience. But experience we must!


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Left Hand Press

54 pages :: Softbound

ISBN: 978-0692812013


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