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Jim's Drumming Notes:

A Course in Drumming


Drummer's Equipment
Rhythm Notation
Learning Rhythms
Some Different Ways of Playing or Feeling a Rhythm
Rhythm Glossary
How to Find Traditional Rhythms
Hand Patterns
Basic Geometries and Hand Patterns
Shape in Rhythm
Dance Beat
Effective Drumming
Keeping the Beat With the Left Hand
Depth in Rhythms
Metrical Densities and Spacings
Simple Rhythm Construction Set: Part I
Simple Rhythm Construction Set: Part II

Simple Rhythm Construction Set: Part III
Simple Combinations of 2 & 3
Binaries and Ternaries
Polymetric Accompaniment
Cascaras & Katas
The Conga Rhythm
Two Conga or "Mambo" Techniques (Tumbao)
Columbias (Rumba Columbia)
Some Two Dum Rhythms
Rhythm List
Ecstatic Drumming (aka High Energy Drumming)
Drum Circle Handout
The Business of Ritual (Selections from a letter)
Ritual Drumming (Selections from a letter)
Educational Heuristics
Teaching at Jam Sessions

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