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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

This section is ongoing. We have included only a small sample of the present explorations, experiments, experiences, investigations, and conjures. Also, at this point of our working, I believe it is opportune to include records of sessions introducing individuals and groups to the knowledge we have pertaining to Dr. John.


This site is sponsored by and is a nexus dedicated to making all of our experiments, explorations, examinations, teachings, and conjures, available to all practitioners.


To add records or notes from your explorations, experiments, experiences, investigations, and conjures, or informative documents please send them to or via our contact form on this website with the name you wish to use, and the date and location of the experience if applicable. Writings of any length, one sentence to book length, are both proper and important. Together we will re-member Dr. John Montanee much as Osiris was re-membered.


It is my hope that portions of the explorations and experiments contradict one another. It is so easy to fall into the reductionist trap of “one true interpretation.” This is the small arena of the One True God and the infallible words of His great profits, be they power over others or money. This can be particularly insidious in the case of our explorations and experiments when the information flows from a direct contact with Dr. John Montanee. Direct revelation is as open to question as any other way of knowing. Perhaps “He said...” is better phrased as “He told me...” or “I was told he spoke through me and said...” The “me” in the statements is an important step back from infallible revelation.


The Visible and Invisible Universes in which we live are both closer and further apart than we can ever imagine. They require room to express themselves in the fullness of their being, a fullness that nurtures a completeness containing elements that often appear contradictory. It would be a pity to allow our, at times, limited understandings to act as a filter to such an awe full completeness. Restriction is a feeble substitute for the splendor of these universes as they expand beyond the very concept of “limit.”


Experiments, Explorations, Experiences,

Investigations and Conjures



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