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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

You Can Be a Healer Now


© 2014 Baron Sylvia


Dr. John Ritual, Babalon Rising 2012


The altar was set up with drums and offerings. I brought my doll who looks like the happiest little drummer boy to the altar for Baby Ghede.


The ritual started. Those with rattles, myself included, started an inner circle around the altar. The drummers gathered in an outer circle. This was not planned, but I found this lineup to be perfect.


The ritual progressed and I saw dancers go into trances. I guarded one that was not yet mounted by Dr. John. I watched as the one who was mounted enjoy water offerings. It wasn’t long before the dancer I was watching over became mounted by Dr. John.


I could see his calm face and eyes through her face and eyes. He stretched out his/her feet to me. He spoke to me.; “My feet are so sore, take your asson and sooth them.” I sat and gently shook my rattle over the very visible swollen feet and ankles of the mounted dancer.


I watched him close his eyes and smile as the swelling went down. He spoke before departing; “ You see now you know how to heal, you can be a healer now.”


I felt incredibly blessed he would grant me such ability as to be able to heal others.



He Walked From His House


© 2014 Houngan Steven Denney


We talked about Dr. Jon’s house. He often walked from his house due south along the road, then turned right, walking west, down the rampart. Sometimes he would cut thru the trees and brush, walking due west from his house, carrying bags of certain jars...there are several children walking with him, carrying sacks of glass bottles, branches and leaves.




A Dream


© 2014 Pamela Marie Nemec


I dreamt of Dr. John and celebrating. There was a great crowd walking through the cemetery with living persons and Spirits amongst them. The air was a bit stagnant due to its warmth but then a swirl of wind began. The Spirits swayed back and forth as a float appeared in a Mardi Gras form. There were little flags edging the float adorned in sparkly metallic ribbons. They represented the colors of Mardi Gras in purples, greens, and deep yellows.


The float emanated diverse cultures and magic. It floated through the cemetery then out into the streets where the people and Spirits began to get energy from the earth. I saw Louie Martinié dancing amidst the crowd in the streets but he seemed alone personally and in his thoughts. I turned and asked Priestess Miriam what this was about, she just nodded but I knew it was the celebration of the dead.


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