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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

Magickal Record: 2010


I brought present day Dr. John’s Prayer to stop the oil to give to festival participants. A few months ago I was doing a drum prayer for clear waters at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) called the Temple and dictated a beautiful prayer he got from Spirit for protection of the waters. Norma, who works at the Temple, brought the prayer in and I played with it on the head of my drum. Very powerful.


Prayer by Dr. John (5.6.2010)

Recite at Sundown


Great Spirit, Mother God, Father God

Surround your people with white light

To protect them from harm.

Send your spirit guides to keep the earth strong;

Angels to protect the land from the oil;

The waters from pollution;

The animals from the storm.

Surround us with your holy light,

Smile upon us to keep us strong,

Preserve the land.

Spare your children and enlighten the masses.

Give us a solution.

Four winds blow; swirl to the sea.

While the white light shines and

protects the sacred center.

Remove the earth from the path of harm.

Forgive the transgressors.

Let the light remove the dark.


Dr. John (John Montanee): Drum Session and Blessing, 2011


Rhythms from The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple will serve as the basis for improvisation in the drum session. Participants, who wish, will be given the opportunity to use copies of the signature of John Montanee to bring his blessing into their drum.


Dr. John (John Montanee): What is Known, 2011


The session will consist of a discussion centering on the original Dr. John (John Montanee) and his position in New Orleans Voodoo. New historical documents, research, and folklore will be presented dating from the rituals on Congo Square in the eighteen hundreds.


Magickal Record: 2012


I brought the Dr. John historical documents to Gryphon’s Nest festival to share with other participants and presenters.Before drumming for a Wiccan Rite during the event, I passed out copies of Dr. John’s signature to the drummers during this Festival.


Experiments, Explorations, Experiences, Investigations and Conjures

Festival Teachings,  Conjures, and Magickal Records

Gryphon's Nest Festivals, Louisiana

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