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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

A Dream and a Ritual Record


© 2014 Maegdlyn


I once had a dream that was so vivid that to this day I am somewhat convinced that it is true. In my dream Louis and I are doing research at the public library of New Orleans. We come across a document that has a record of a marriage between John Montanee, and his wife at a particular church. We look it up on a map and it is still in existence on a particular street in New Orleans. We drive to the church, and it is a tall regal looking building, made of grey stone, with huge stained glass windows. As we walk up to it, we realize that the windows are all boarded up. We try to peek through the glass but it is extremely dusty on the inside and there is no way to gain access.


Babalon Rising 2012: Night ritual to Dr. John in which Phil Farber activates the aspect of ATEM, a heightened level of awareness, designed to encourage communion with spirits. During the ritual, my eyes became heavy and I felt as if my body became older and had aching joints. I became fascinated with the star patterns, and realized that they felt different than the ones that I (he) had seen in his youth. I got the sense that he was very familiar with the constellations and their location in the sky, and that these constellations represented a new world, a different perspective. This was also accompanied by a sense of acceptance and peace but tinged with sadness and loss.


I’m not sure where this last perception comes from as it has grown within my head until it is a conglomeration of impressions. There is a small house with two front parlor rooms and several bedrooms in the back. There is a second building in the back yard, with chickens and livestock in the yard in between. There are children running around in the back, and a kitchen that faces into the back yard. In the front, it seems to be a form of brothel, yet it is clean and has a positive energy. There are several women, I do not know how many, they are very young, and Dr. John swings one of them around in his arms. She is lighter skinned than he is and she is laughing. There is a man sitting on the porch in the shade, and he is drunk but in a good mood. He is playing some sort of music but I can’t tell what it is...


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