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Dr. John Montanee

A New Orleans Voodoo Grimoire

Some Conjures

Louie Martinié


15, February, 1914:


With Maegdlyn…We both drank of the water kept on the altar for Dr. John. I drank and touched the back of my neck and forehead. Two Hi John Roots consecrated with Elixir of Red Lion and White Eagle (Culling – GBG).


Expedition into Rorrim: The white snake springs from the abysmal waters and I startle. Again the white snake springs and I open. The snake has pierced my chest and I bleed through my heart. The blood flows through Blanc Dan-i to my children in the Invisible World. A white beam of light appears. My familiars and the powers that protect me drink deeply.


Dr. John indicates the small area directly under the front of his hat. Place a bit of water there.


Both roots placed in Dr. John’s glass of water. Water turned a golden yellow.


23, February, ’14:


Babalon with two hands. Annoint self with elixir. Strengthen Blanc Dan-i as conduit. A bridge of white light. This image of a bridge (Bridgette) opens a path to Manman Bridgette. Mishlen entered the temple during the working. Later she said that my cotton shirt was too hot for her to touch.


4, March, ’14, Mardi Gras:


At the invitation of Jessica Radcliff, walked with Society of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music, to the Mississippi to make offerings and to honor what has passed into the arms of the ancestors in the past year.


Offerings: A conjure composed of absinthe, water and earth from St. Roch Cemetery, a bit of bread from a meal with the present Dr. John (Mac). Dr. John Montanee’s signature. A black rock from Manman Bridgette’s altar. A white bead (snake egg).


A wonder full parade wove its way through the wet and cold to the river. I made my offerings and the signature of Dr. John unfurled upon hitting the water and floated with his name upright as if looking back at us. Dr. John is revived by the water. I passed the selves that I wore this past year into the ancestor’s arms.


Expedition into Rorrim: Dr. John floats just beneath the Waters. Black coat and white shirt drift slightly in the rivers flow. He reaches up and takes his signature. Presses it to his chest and opens his mouth. A thousand bubbles move from his lips to the surface and are received by the air. Each bubble a blessing bursting sweetly upon those who march in second line with Saint Cecilia.


On going remembrance of Dr. John and his retinue I do daily:


“To you Dr. John”…I take a drink…tap signature rhythm of Bamboula.


“To you John Montanee”…I take a drink…tap signature rhythm of Bamboula


“To you Joey and those drummers who have come after”…I take a drink…tap signature rhythm of Bamboula.


I like this in that it distinguishes between Dr. John and John Montanee. Dr. John is a title, a creation of John Montanee. A projection thrown by time and remembering into the rarified aires where loa are born. John Montanee is the foundation supporting a sure path to Dr. John. He is the man who dared to eat peaches.


Joey is a Temple Drummer who passed into the arms of the ancestors.


A video demonstrating the Bamboula rhythm is available for viewing on and the drum notation is available in A Priest’s Head, A Drummer’s Hands (pages 36 & 37) which is available for purchase  in our webstore.


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