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It is the Will and mission of Bate Cabal/Black Moon to effectively
manifest unique and insightful occult Works for the esoteric community
in a manner that is unfettered by commercial considerations.

About Us

Founded in 1976 by Louis Martinié, Jo Bounds, and R.B. as Conquering Child Publishing. Upon the departure of R.B. we changed our name to Black Moon Publishing. Our first publication was "The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick". We have also collected and maintain a substantial collection of historical esoteric documents over the years that we now keep in our Archives and is available online with free PDF file downloads of available documents.

Manuscript Submissions

Always accepting manuscripts for possible publication. If interested please review our "Submissions Guideline" by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions please contact us.

Black Moon Publishing Submissions Guideline

Black Moon Publishing Agreement

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