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w-Talking to God With Food: Questioning Animal Sacrifice

w-Talking to God With Food: Questioning Animal Sacrifice

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Dr. Louie Martinié


This text is important to anyone who follows a set of religious practices that may include sacrifice, particularly the sacrifice of animals. Its goal is to create a framework that makes it possible for the practitioner to approach the issue of animal sacrifice on the secure footing of systematic thought coupled with deep feeling; hopefully avoiding the slippery and sensationalistic aversion or attraction too often associated with the subject. Both the pros and cons of animal sacrifice are examined and the author proposes alternatives to sacrifice of sentient beings.


"Think; deeply contemplate actions and their alternatives and the fruit that they bear. Choose freely and wisely. Choice stands at the wheel in navigating this river of the soul. There is no condemnation or commendation, only an ever-present responsibility that is built into the very fabric of the universe. We can choose in our actions; there is no choice involved in the consequences that they, by their nature, call forth."




• Three Questions

• From Gift to Sacrifice

• Animal Sacrifice

• Redefining Sacrifice:

 Red Palm Oil and Sacred Journeys

• Western Medicine and Traditional Healing:

 The Guinea Pig and the Chicken

• A Very Personal Aside on Animal Sacrifice

• Protocols of Sacred Giving

• Gifts, Presents, and Offerings to the Loa and

 Spirits of New Orleans Voodoo


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ISBN-13: 978-1890399726

88 pages : 6x9 : Paperback



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