w-Songs of the Black Flame

w-Songs of the Black Flame

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Edited by Diane Narraway


Songs of the Black Flame is an intimate look into how Lucifer shines ever brightly in the lives of 16 Luciferians. Songs interweaves personal experience, poetry, art and magick to form a substantial chariot capable of carrying the reader into the realm of Lucifer. Whether one remains or not is a matter of will, karma and indeed choice.


Featuring Contributions by:

Emma Doeve, Orlee Stewart, Gavin Dylan Sodo, Gillian Macdonald, Geraldine Lambert, Sam R. Geraghty, Laurie Pneumatikos, Eirwen Morgan, Diane Narraway, Bill Duvendack, Jaclyn Cherie, Defoe Smith, Veronica Magenta Nero, Lou Hotchkiss Knives, Matthew Levi Stevens

and Linda Cunningham.


With an Introduction and additional editing by Cheryl Waldron.


I am Zeros and Ones;


An Enigma,


Composed of Cells.




In Motion;


Luminescence Ablaze …


Poetry is the language of the magickian and the poems within this book are of great practical use in both invocation and evocation. The words found in these poems do not so much describe as bring forth the might and majesty of Lucifer into the mind, heart, and into the very Temple of the practitioner.


Lucifer although archaic, is very much a Spirit for our times. Within this great light bearer seethes and boils the uncontained archetype of resistance. The Fallen Bright Angel is the very figure of rebellion. As ‘weavers will look for patterns, junkies for escapes,’ rebels seek freedom and shoulder the responsibility with which it is accompanied. This is a book written by rebels for rebels whose songs burn with determination, honesty, integrity and passion.


ISBN-13: 978-1890399665

156 pages : 6x9 : Paperback



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