w-Lucifer: The Light of the Aeon

w-Lucifer: The Light of the Aeon

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Written by Rebels

Edited by Diane Narraway


Featuring Contributions by:


Orlee Andromedae, Teach Carter, Jaclyn Cherie, Linda Cunningham, James Ford, Isis Graywood, Elizabeth Jennings, Amanda Lindupp, Rachel Summers, Geraldine Lambert, Maxim, Eirwen Morgan, Diane Narraway, Richard K. Page, Laurie Pneumatikos, Cheryl Waldron, and Sean Witt and cover art by Matt Baldwin-Ives.


Lucifer is a unique collection of articles, poems, and art contributed by different authors and artists, all of which work with and approach Lucifer subjectively; giving the reader a greater range of information and with it a  deeper understanding of Lucifer from the heart of the Luciferian.




Chapter 1: Awakenings

• Dreaming With the Devil by Rachel Summers

• An Unexpected Daemon by Eirwen Morgan

• Art: Snake Medicine by Orlee Andromedae

• A Luciferian Is Born by Jaclyn Cherie

• Into the Light by Laurie Pneumatikos

• Ave Luciferi by Sean Witt

• The Realm at the Edge of Sleep by Diane Narraway

• Silver Lady by Teach Carter

• Externalising the Self by Richard K. Page

• Spirits and Reveries by Geraldine Lambert

• Art: Journey of the Fool by Geraldine Lambert


Chapter 2: Love, Life and Lucifer

• Maiden, Mother, Witch!! by Diane Narraway

• Synthesis by Eirwin Morgan

• From Here to Eternity by Richard K. Page

• Luciferianism: A Life Changing Attitude by Laurie Pneumatikos

• Birth of a Warrior Soul by Jaclyn Cherie

• Art: The High Priestess by Orlee Andomedae

• Bridging the Gap by Sean Witt

• Mephisto's Mission by Rachel Summers

• The Dark Knight on the Road by Gerladine Lambert

• Art: Purging the Dark by Geraldine Lambert

• A Journey With Pan by Teach Carter


Chapter 3: Angels and Daemons

• Angel to Devil in the Twinkling of an Eye by Geraldine Lambert

• Art: Lucifer and the Flowers of Flame by Geraldine Lambert

• A Natural Deity by Teach Carter

• Lucifer Vision by Eirwen Morgan

• Photo: Lucifer by James Ford

• Lucifer the Goddess of Love by Laurie Pneumatikos

• My Beloved Lucy by Jaclyn Cherie

• Revealing My True Self by Sean Witt

• Art:  Lucifer by Amanda Lindupp

• Friend or Fiend by Rachel Summers

• A Beautiful Beast by Diane Narraway

• Objective Lucifer by Richard K. Page


Chapter 4: Blood and Fire

• Blood Offerings by Laurie Pneumatikos

• Forged From Fire: Blood of My Blood by Jaclyn Cherie

• Finding the Light by Sean Witt

• Blood and Blaze by Rachel Summers

• Lucifer: Blood and Fire by Eirwen Morgan

• Art:  Blood and Fire by Eirwen Morgan

• To Burn in the Fires of Hell by Teach Carter

• Bloody Chaos by Diane Narraway

• Art:  The Winged Hermaphrodite by Linda Cunningham

• The Blood and the Fire by Richard K. Page

• Fire in the Blood by Geraldine Lambert

• Art:  Datura and Storm by Geraldine Lambert


Chapter 5: Magick

• The Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Faceted Luciferian Witch

     by Jaclyn Cherie

• Anything Other Than Myself by Sean Witt

• Art:  Tiamat by Cheryl Waldron

• Magic — Betwixt and Between by Geraldine Lambert

• Art:  The Hidden, The Willed and The Wise by Geraldine Lambert

• Candles and Conversations by Rachel Summers

• Dream Walking, Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming by Richard K. Page

• Fire and Drums by Teach Carter

• Magick With a 'K' by Diane Narraway

• Sorceress — The Alchemical Woman by Eirwen Morgan

• Photo:  The Sorceress by Eirwen Morgan

• Magic Is Transformation by Laurie Pneumatikos


Chapter 6: Lucifer's Consort

• White Stallion, Black Mare by Richard K. Page

• Art:  White Stallion, Black Mare by Richard K. Page

• Determining Manifestation by Sean Witt

• Cain's Children by Laurie Pneumatikos

• Balance by Teach Carter

• Love Is Limitation: Love Is Liberation by Jaclyn Cherie

• The Essential Wanton Woman by Eirwen Morgan

• Photo:  Acknowledgement of Lilith by Maxim

• Poem: Lillith by Diane Narraway

• Scarlet Scapegoat by Rachel Summers

• Queen of the Night and Lady Fate by Gerldine Lambert

• Art:  The Weavers by Geraldine Lambert

• The Ineffable Spark by Diane Narraway


Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled

• Acceptance of the Grave by Richard K. Page

• The Road Less Travelled; The Road of Most Reward by Jaclyn Cherie

• Art: Deliverance by Isis Graywood

• Master of Light by Sean Witt

• Poem: Children of Cain by Laurie Pneumatikos

• Nefarious Necessities by Rachel Summers

• Leading the Mistress by Eirwen Morgan

• Poem: Spell of the Elements by Elizabeth Jennings

• Poem: Where the Shadow Shines by Geraldine Lambert

• Art:  The Hedgewitch by Geraldine Lambert

• Morning Star by Diane Narraway

• Poem: The Way of The Way by Teach Carter


• Author Biographies

• References and Further Reading


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