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HC-Mother of Abominations: Witchcraft Dreamscapes - Hardcover

HC-Mother of Abominations: Witchcraft Dreamscapes - Hardcover

Hardcover Edition (Paperback Edition available here)


By Orlee Stewart :: Edited by Mishlen Linden


Orlee’s paintings and illustrations serve as icons to the forces of spiritual energy that exist beyond our world of forms. The purpose of her visionary art is to create an experience for the viewer that will lead to a subjective spiritual awakening. She has had her work published in many grimoires and occult texts while also publishing her own writing and artwork. Orlee’s art also manifests into video psychomagick as she studied experimental video arts in university and creates video content about her magical experiments. Orlee’s practice is heavily inspired by her relationship with various demonic entities and the spirits of the dead, as well as deities from multiple traditional witchcraft backgrounds.

Orlee does not follow any one set particular system of magick alone, she incorporates paradigms into herself from studying various occult systems and by working with both the forces of light and darkness in union. Orlee has undergone extensive spiritual training for over 15 years to refine her craft and is always learning more. She is trained in Solomanic magick, Tarot Divination, Demonlogy & Excoricm, Necromancy, Folk Witchcraft, and Ceremonial Evocation in Western Theurgy. The motivation behind what Orlee does comes from a deep wish to help inspire the spiritual realms in all those who come into contact with her creative works, to reveal the secrets of the void. Her name literally means “my light” in Hebrew and Orlee wishes to bring light to the mysteries that are hidden deeply within us all.


Full color

Hardcover :: 198 pages :: 8.25 x 11 (Softcover available here.)

ISBN: 979-8986522807


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